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How to Find the Perfect Elopement Dress for You 

Whether you are eloping in a remote beach location or at a fancy city hall, finding the perfect elopement dress is an exciting process. From traditional styles to more modern silhouettes, there are options for every type of bride. With the right fit and fabric, you’ll feel confident and beautiful on your big day.

Classic and Luxurious dress perfect for an elopement in Hawaii

**Photo above from Amber and Justin‘s day in Kona.

Guide to Find the Perfect Elopement Dress

Consider the Destination. 

Think about the location where you’ll be eloping and consider how that might affect your dress choice. You may want to opt for a lighter, more breathable fabric if you’re planning on a wedding at most Hawaii beaches. Alternatively, you may prefer materials that are better suited for slightly cooler climates or keep you warm in more cooler places in Hawaii!

Research Your Style and Silhouette Options.

Before you start shopping for your dress, it’s important to research the different silhouettes and styles available. Whether you go with a classic silhouette or decide on something more unexpected, think about the look you want to create. When deciding on a style, consider the activities of the day, the weather, and the location of your event. Additionally, think about which fabrics flatter your skin best and if you’d like to make any alterations on a classic design.

Sleek and Classy cut elopement dress

Start by Figuring out Your Personal Style 

Before jumping into the shopping process, it’s important to figure out what type of dress will best fit your personal style. Consider the event—will you be marrying in your hometown or jetting off overseas? Are you moving and grooving at an outdoor concert, or toasting over a romantic dinner? Your dress should suit the occasion, so start by browsing different looks to get an idea of what speaks to you. The right elopement dress should match your personality—and that’s when it’s truly perfect!

Consider Different Fabrics and Materials 

While browsing, consider different fabrics and materials. Certain fabrics drape well, while others may be more structured or hold their shape better. Be sure to look for a material that is comfortable and breathable, as you will be wearing the dress all day (or night). Lace is an excellent choice for vintage-inspired style with modern twists, or if you’re feeling daring, go for tulle to add volume and drama! If you’re worried about wrinkles from packing your dress in a suitcase, head to the bridal shop for options made from wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Look for Non-Traditional Details

Non-traditional details are a great way to add your own flair and personal style to your elopement look. Think ruffles, unique necklines, embelishments, tailored pockets for a more statement making look. To make the dress even more memorable try layering tulle skirts or wrap dresses for extra volume and texture. Whether you’re looking for simple details like buttons on the shoulders or sleeves, or bolder options like an oversized bow belt, get creative with what you’re adding. And if you haven’t considered this–you don’t even have to wear white to your own wedding! See below:

Blush colored elopement dress in Hawaii

Accessorize to Complete the Look 

Once you’ve found your dress, the fun doesn’t stop there! No look is complete without accessories. Look for statement earrings to add a touch of sparkle or layered necklaces if you prefer something subtle. If your dream elopement look includes an even bolder accessory, opt for a flower crown or veil for added glamour. Comfortable shoes are essential – since you may be walking over lava fields – so try adding a pair of cute but comfortable sandals to elevate the entire look.

Check out my current favorites in elopement dresses!


Lace dress perfect for an elopement on the beach


Boho styled dress perfect for an elopement in Hawaii


A casual yet elegant dress for a wedding


Boho and Whimsical style elopement dress


Lacey details for a wedding dress

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