Hawaii Elopement Photographer (Copy)

Who We Are

Aloha! I’m Ann, founder and lead-coordinator at Elope Big Island.

My professional life on the Big Island started as a wedding photographer, and I quickly saw a need for personalized wedding specialists for elopements on the Big Island, and Elope Big Island was the answer.

We have assembled a unique and highly qualified team of local Hawaii professionals that include planners, florists, officiants, and photographers who work seamlessly together to create a stress free elopement experience.

Our committed team of creators with decades of combined photography and event planning experience is determined to take your wedding day on the Big Island to a new level!

Plus, you will have our dedicated officiant and coordinator by your side!



What We Do

We make the process of eloping on the Big Island as fun and worry free as possible. We know that planning a destination wedding has many challenges, so as your personal wedding specialists, we help you bring every detail to life to make your day far more incredible than you ever imagined.

Our team will work for you, so you can show up and enjoy your beautiful day, the first day of your married life!

Think of us as your photographer/planner with extra superpowers to help you coordinate plan and document a day that truly reflects your relationship! Our team will curate a wedding experience and provide you with amazing photographs of your breathtaking day in paradise!



Where To Elope

Get ready, get married, stop by for a refreshing shave ice, adventure around the island return to an intimate, privately prepared dinner or a simple Hawaiian meal in a bonfire. The possibilities are endless!

Based on our knowledge of the Big Islands terrain, weather patterns, hiking, and driving trails, we will recommend the best location for you, so your elopement is an experience that is uniquely yours! One location selection factor to consider is if you’d like to adventure off road in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and have a hike, or take a short stroll from the car to your location.

Whether that destination is a black sand beach, cliffside, waterfall, rainforest, sunset cruise, or a combination of these, we are there to assist you along the way. Click below to learn about specific locations.


When Is The Best Time For A Wedding On The Big Island

Hawaii is a beautiful location for weddings year round, but there are a few considerations when selecting your date.

+The ‘winter season’ in Hawaii is December through March, and the west side of the island remains dry during this time.

+If you are considering a rain forest location, be prepared for a chance of rain year round on the tropical side of the island, and more so during winter.

+The Big Island and all of Hawaii does see an increase in travel during holidays and summer vacation. If your elopement ceremony is during this time we will recommend a beach that is not crowded for a more private ceremony.

+Beaches are quietest on weekdays.

+Some locations require special permits which can require up to 45 days to acquire, so be sure to reach out to Elope Big Island early to ensure the option to utilize your desired location.


Why To Select Big Island Elopements

We know that there are many options in Hawaii when choosing how and where to have your elopement ceremony.

We will be a great fit if we share these values.

+You are choosing to get married in the most meaningful way for you as a couple.

+You value attention to detail, collaboration, and thoughtfulness.

+Enjoying a stress free planning process and wedding day is of high importance. You are busy and want to focus on what matters most!

+The Hawaiian islands are a sacred land, to be cherished and explored. you want to experience this beautiful natural place, and have it as backdrop for your wedding experience with professionals who respect the local environment and customs.

+The local knowledge and experience of our collaborative team will exceed all of your expectations, and you are supporting local hawaiian business people, mahalo!

We are here to eliminate any stress that planning

an elopement in Hawaii may bring.

Let us help you have a truly memorable wedding day!


How To Get Started

Your elopement day is meant to feel and be remembered as meaningful and grand-in its own way. You are choosing to be INTENTIONAL about how your wedding day is celebrated! Choosing to elope opens you to a whole world of possibilities–to have a carefully curated day that is intimate, unique and truly you.

Step One: Reach out via our contact page. Include your desired location and dates if you are further along in your planning.

Step Two: Lets Chat! If we are available for your desired date we’ll plan a call to solidify your desired package, and get the planning party started.

Step Three: We’ll coordinate all of the details so you can show up pampered, relaxed, and ready to enjoy the adventure of your elopement day. You will be confident that our team will provide everything you need: permits, directions for obtaining your marriage license, flowers, hair and makeup appointments, and will document the big emotion filled moments and little details of your day in a beautiful way.

Step Four: A few sneak peak photos will be delivered within a 3-4 days of your wedding, and you’ll receive your elopement day photos within 4 weeks of your celebration. You will be able to share your gallery online with friends and family members, as well as order heirloom albums and wall art to enjoy.