bride and groom walking over lava rock in kona

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Simple Kona Beach Elopement

“I just want a beautiful sandy beach, please take care of the rest. Oh and we would like amazing photos” – a client, probably

If this is you and all you are looking for is a simple elopement on the beach with the least fuzz as possible, you are in the right place! Our Golden Collection is designed specifically for this process. While we can go through with you in selecting a location, if you fully trust us, we will always take you to a beautiful beach no matter what! 

There are so many beaches in the Kona side but we do not consider all of them for elopements. In fact, we only have a handful of public beaches in our list! Our photographers get a huge input for locations that will not disappoint for photos. Another important element in our location selection process is privacy. We only suggest locations that tend to be quiet so we don’t have to work our way around a crowd of onlookers on your special day!

This area a little north of Kona tend to be a favorite! You can see why in the photos below.

Simple Beach Elopement in Kona, Hawaii

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